B Series UV Disinfectant Robot (Small)

Some people would prefer the mist-less type of disinfection method in their spaces. It’s important to note that when UV Disinfectant Robot is deployed in scenarios, the UV light poses a danger in close proximity, people will need to keep a 5m distance from the robot.



The staff of the office building will also either close the door or set up a temporary opaque partition to separate and distance themselves from the robot. These UV Disinfectant Robot are suitable for small spaces and enclosed rooms within the building.

If you are using the UV Disinfectant Robots for larger space areas, such as, shopping malls and the healthcare and transport sectors, please purchase the bigger version large robots, instead of this small edition, for more effective control of eliminating viruses in high human traffic areas.

Videos: https://vimeo.com/443953508 ; https://vimeo.com/443953677 ; https://vimeo.com/443953872

Customized Solution for Industrial usage by AIoT Manufacturer. Made-to-order in quantities. Please contact administrator for more details on product features and details on how to purchase order.