UV Disinfectant Bot (Large)

This is a large edition UV Disinfectant Robot suitable to be deployed in public places like shopping malls, the healthcare and transport sectors.



Why choose UV type disinfection robot?

The UV rays emitted by the lamp module help decontaminate the environment by tearing apart strands of virus DNA. The robots move around autonomously and are guided by light detection and ranging sensors.

As UV light kills around 99 per cent of bacteria and has been clinically proven to eliminate viruses, the robots will disinfect surfaces more effectively compared to manual cleaning and the spraying disinfectant solutions, reduce the need for cleaners and also help protect frontline cleaning staff.

Scientific research shows COVID19 virus stay viable in air and on surfaces to infect healthy people in contact when droplets released from someone who is carrier coughs or sneezes, at least three hours..

On plastic and stainless steel, viable virus could be detected after three days. On copper, it took four hours for the virus to become inactivated. In terms of half-life, the research team found that it takes about 66 minutes for half the virus particles to lose function if they are in an aerosol droplet. That means that after another hour and six minutes, three quarters of the virus particles will be essentially inactive but 25 per cent will still be viable. The amount of viable virus at the end of the third hour will be down to 12.5 per cent, according to the research led by Neeltje van Doremalen of the NIAID’s Montana facility at Rocky Mountain Laboratories. On stainless steel, it takes five hours 38 minutes for half of the virus particles to become inactive. On plastic, the half-life is six hours 49 minutes, researchers found. On cardboard, the half-life was about three and a half hours, but the researchers said there was a lot of variability in those results „so we advise caution“ in interpreting that number. The shortest survival time was on copper, where half the virus became inactive within 46 minutes.

Hence, the rationale is „Disinfect Whenever Possible in High Human Traffic Area to Minimize Cross-infection“

Customized Solution for Industrial usage by AIoT Manufacturer. Made-to-order in quantities. Please contact administrator for more details on product features and details on how to purchase order.