Retail Driverless Convenience Store

The possibility of Driverless Car is boundless.

Now, we have one. Owning a driverless car is not impossible. It adds value to your marketing and boost your sales. And this miniature easy-to-operate edition is at affordable price.



Do you struggle to make sales target months after months with high shopfront rental in retail shopping mall? With the current hit of COVID19 pandemic, the situation makes things worse, your business is at the verge of closing down.

Perhaps, this scenario sounds familiar to you:

Pedestrians outside the store are busy passing by, but the volume of human traffic entering the store is very low. No one enters the store, and sales are low. This may be a problem for every store owner. The location of the store is not good, the brand recognition is low, the products are highly homogenized, and the shopping experience is poor ..Every problem is a operational headache. Maybe this retail unmanned car can help you.